About Me
Welcome to my blog, everyone! First a little about me, my name is Lance Cantrell and I live in the RTP area of North Carolina. I’ve been working as a network engineer since 2007 and in IT since 2005. During this time I’ve worked for an MSP where I was exposed to not only Cisco but a variety of other vendors as well. On top of working with multiple vendors, I worked with different technologies ranging from routing and switching, to VoIP, to security and more. Today you can find me focusing mostly on security, automation, and core routing and switching. When I’m not working or studying then you can find me spending time with my family exploring North Carolina and the RTP area.
This blog and its contents are my own creation, and opinion, they do not in anyway reflect the views of my employer and are not sponsored by any vendor. Any configuration or designs shown in this blog are not guaranteed to work in your environment. By copying any configurations or designs you choose to do so at your own risk.

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